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A Year into Nomadic Life…

It’s been almost exactly one year since I packed up my apartment, gave away furniture, and put the things I couldn’t part with into a 5×10 foot storage unit in favor of a nomadic life. I’ll be home for a 10-day visit during my actual anniversary, but instead of taking a trip away from home, home has become a vacation destination.

The decision to go full nomad wasn’t an easy one, but it was definitely the right one! At first, it was a little scary, but I’ve definitely adjusted. In the last year, I explored three continents and 15 countries, I made it home for Christmas, work is the best its ever been, I met my lovely boyfriend, I have made countless new friends, and I’m currently living in Ireland.

I’m not great at updating social media, sharing photos, or even staying on top of my blog. But, things have been going well and I’d like to change (some of) that. I’d also love to send more postcards!

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I’ve made it a point to get outside, practice yoga, and to keep knocking items off my bucket list no matter how quickly it grows. It has been nearly two years since getting sick, and about one year since I really felt like myself again. I’ve climbed mountains in Denver, survived hikes at high altitudes in Peru and Bolivia, explored the Scottish Highlands, visited castles at the foot of the Alps, and frozen my bum off in the midwestern winter. I haven’t made it back to Asia, but it’s on my list. I’m thinking India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Hong Kong…

In the meantime, I’m getting ready to visit home, and I’m promising to check back in more often.

Side Note –

I’ve also started a collaboration with a travel friend! We met in the observation car of the California Zephyr last year. He’s a fellow freelance writer, world explorer, and we met during his adventure bicycling across the United States last year. Our project is called the Observation Car


A Year into Nomadic Life…

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