Killarney, County Kerry

Working remotely and traveling the world is a lovely opportunity, but it’s not the same as a long vacation. I’ve spent about a month in Killarney, County Kerry, except for a few days in Dublin here and there. Working most weekdays, I’ve had weekends to see the town and explore Killarney National Park, which is by far my favorite spot!

This weekend we have a 4-day road trip planned, beginning in Dublin, and I’m so excited! But for now, these are my favorite spots in Killarney.

Muckross Abbey

Muckross Abbey was the first fun place I found in the national park. It’s near the entrance close to Killarney town, so it’s not surprising. I went on a sunny day early in April, before the main tourist season had begun. (May 1 the town doubles in size!)

The abbey would have been a dream come true for 12-year-old Nicole! It was full of spiral staircases, dark rooms that lead to other rooms, tiny windows, small spaces, and huge rooms, and it’s surrounded by headstones. I know, graveyards aren’t everyone’s favorite thing, but I find them really interesting to wander through!

Killarney National Park

It’s so hard to list the National Park as one attraction, especially since I’ve spent nearly every free second there and still haven’t seen half of it. It’s huge, and it has several cafes, restaurants, pubs, and a tea house that are so perfectly placed in the middle of nowhere they don’t take away from the outdoorsy feeling of a national park.

It tends to be pretty crowded in the park and I prefer to bike and bring a picnic and a hammock, but it’s actually a perfect spot to work too if you happen to be a digital nomad and turn on the hotspot on your phone!

Curious Cat Wine Bar

Ireland is full of Guinness and Whiskey, but sometimes, I really love wine! This place is in town but off the main road, its small but it feels big, and it’s adorable. The employees are all super friendly, and they have tasty wine in kegs or bottles. It doesn’t feel like a typical Irish pub, but honestly, after a month in Killarney, it’s nice to be out of a pub!

Ross Castle

I  may have mentioned that over the last 4.5 months in Europe, I’ve been to more castles than I care to list here. (close to 15?) I love touring castles, and Killarney has one! Ross Castle isn’t the

Ross Castle isn’t the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, but it’s on a lake in the National Park, and there are constantly boats going to and from in the water and horses pulling carriages to and from it on land. I prefer my bicycle

Navé Yoga

Another part of digital nomad life is continuing things like working out and eating healthy! For me, that means yoga. Navé was recommended to me by a Killarney local, and I love the classes. Elaine is my favorite teacher, but I haven’t taken a class I wouldn’t take again.

Old Town

One of my favorite things to do in a new place is to wander through the main part of town. Killarney’s center isn’t very large, but it’s colorful and picturesque.

Killarney’s Coffee Shops

Of course, a digital nomad always needs to know how the local coffee shops are… A note before I mention them though! I got a SIM card on the high street for 20 euros at 3, and it includes 28 days of unlimited data. Highly recommend it if you’ll be in Ireland for a while, or if you want to make sure you have data.

Underground Cafe

This was my first coffee shop spot! I love the coffee, the food is good but very sweet, the wifi is great, and it’s always been too crowded for me to comfortably take up space with my laptop. It’s right on the main corner in town and worth a stop, and it’s cash only.


This is a cute spot off the main street with wifi and outlets, but sometimes it’s a little small for working.

Lir Cafe

Honestly, I stopped in here because of the chocolate, and it was totally worth it. On a nice day there is room for working inside or outside and they have wifi and outlets!

Costa Coffee

Costa, in my opinion, is the Starbucks of the UK and Ireland. It’s everywhere, it’s reliable, you know what you’re getting food-wise, and it always has space, wifi, and outlets. Killarney has two that I know of: one in the outlet centre and one near the main grocery shopping. Neither are in the main town, but they’re not far to walk to if you want to go somewhere familiar.


A note on biking: There are several places in town to rent a bicycle, but I’ve been able to borrow one during my stay so I can’t give you a personal review!

Killarney, County Kerry

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